Tuesday, May 13, 2014

29 Cleaning Hacks that will make cleaning easier

Here are some cool cleaning hacks I collected from the internet. Mostly from twistedsifter, tumblr, dumpaday and viralnova.


     Use Coke to clean your toilet.

    Use lemons to remove water strains.
 Remove hair from carpet using a normal window squeegee .

   Tension rods can keep cabinets tidy.

    Coarse salt can help you clean cast iron.


   The tracks on your doors or windows can be cleaned with vinegar.
    Remove lints using a razor.

    Coffee filters can be used to help clean oven screens.

    Fold and stack vertically, not horizontally.

  Vacuum seal your bulky winter clothes to save on space.
How to properly fold a fitted sheet.


 Tumblr, viralnova, twistedsifter

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  1. So many creative, cleaning hacks!!! I love them! Thank you so much for sharing!